The sea air and sunlight that makes Florida delightful for residents can be inhospitable to man-made structures. Our experience in constructing waterfront homes has made us authorities on the materials and surface coatings that best withstand Florida’s climate.

Environmental Forces Demand Creativity

Practicality never outweighs beauty and convenience, thanks to the creativity that comes from our comprehensive knowledge. Huryn Construction has master carpenters and painters on staff, and maintains an in-house cabinetry shop. We oversee workmanship and control timetables so every project stays on schedule

Residential Home Construction

Huryn Construction is an acknowledged and awarded leader in the high-end residential construction community. Concentrating in Indian River County and throughout Florida. We work hard daily to meet every need of our clients and to deliver the highest level of service and value. By special request we will travel outside of Florida. Please call for details.

Building it your way

This is an exciting time in your life. It’s not every day that you build a custom home, so choose Huryn Construction when it’s time to talk about your project. We’re looking forward to meeting and working with you.


At Huryn Construction we know how to take your ideas and turn them into a custom home reality. Your home is more than an investment; it is where you live your life.  We understand just how important of a space it is for you and your family and will bring you the highest of outcomes.


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